It’s All About the Cross

This is a series of small banners, each of which have a stylized cross image. Our idea was to create banners small enough (6″ x 24″) to hang in a family home with an image that will help keep the work of Christ central to our thinking.

We created different styles to compliment various home decor and personal tastes. There will be other banners of different designs and sizes added to this series in the future, so check back now and again.

Banner Designs 117, 118, 119; 6″ x 24″

$30.00 each


Glory to God, Peace on Earth

These are Christmas banners we created for Maranatha Bible Church. The banners hang on the side walls of the worship center, opposite each other. Each angel faces toward the front of the space, moving the eye forward. The slope of the angels and the banner bottoms reflect the direction of the message–up toward God, down toward earth.

The messages, repeating the angel’s refrain to the shepherds, compliment each other, telling us that Christmas is to God’s glory and for our good.

The banners consist of five separate strips, one for each letter with the angel graphic divided across each strip. The images are created by cutting them out of the red fabric and layering them over the gold.

Completing the message is a sixth strip, in complementing green fabric, hung behind the others. The same green fabric is used for the holly leaves, a traditional Christmas symbol, that decorate the letters.

We would be happy to produce a set for you, just ask. Though we cannot guarantee the identical fabrics would be available, we promise to find fabrics just as elegant and to your liking.

Banner Designs 114 &115; approx. 72″ x 72″

$999 for the set; $600 separately.


This is a rendering of Philippians 4:8. We’ve set the type of each adjective differently, hoping to express the character of that word.

“Think” is emphasized because that is the action word–we must intentionally make an effort to think on these things.

Having a reminder like this hanging around could be quite useful.

Banner Design 113 – 30″ x 60″


MBC Day Camp 2010

This is the latest Day Camp banner for Maranatha Bible Church. Once again, they gave us the graphic to be used on the t-shirts worn by leaders and we rendered that on the banner.

For the banner, we wanted the ship to feel as if it were plowing powerfully forward, right off the banner and coming toward the viewer. To enhance this we let the wake splash off the boundaries of the banner. Additionally, the dashed boarder is stopped at the waves, as if they are washed away by the ship’s wake.

For fun, we added a nautical flag at the bottom that has a dual symbolic significance. We’ve challenged folks to see if they can determine what that symbolism is.

The waves at the base of the boat were fussy and difficult; we actually changed and improved the waves a bit from the graphic, much to the delight of the Day Camp staff. Karen, the staffer in charge of graphics, said we, “always ‘catch’ my vision and offer very creative suggestions as well that seem to just make the banner come alive.” Thanks, Karen! We enjoyed working with you again.

Banner Design 112  –  48″x96″  –  $500.00

Banner Gallery

Thanks for taking a look at our work! Please remember that our banners are typically custom, so if you have a specific need or even have an idea of your own, please contact us; we enjoy working with our clients.

Alternatively, we can reproduce for you any banner you see here; we can even make changes to suit your preferences. Just leave a comment on the banner you like and we’ll get back to you.


Life International wanted a banner to uphold the name of Jesus; a banner that would remind everyone who saw it of the One who is central to all we are and do.

They gave us three simple parametersa vertical banner, the name of Jesus would be the only word, and elegant enough to honor Him as king. The result hangs in Life International’s prayer room.

We chose velvets and brocades to reflect the majesty of Jesus, lined it for stability, and embellished it with rich trims.

Banner Design 107  –  18″x48″  –  $450.00

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